Hello lovelies, I’m Heather.

I’m a girl who hails from the North-East of England and is proud of this fact. I have often been described as ‘stagey’ and can sing to you all of Sondheim’s Company, Into the Woods and Sweeney Todd upon request (insert my love and adoration for Patti Lupone here). You can usually find me watching The Goonies for the umpteenth time. However if you ever intend to watch this movie with me, “ye intruders beware”… I will act along with it… Did someone say booby traps?

I get called both Edna Mode and Linda Belcher on a daily basis (even by my own family) and yes, I take them both as compliments. It’s fair to say I’m obsessed with RuPaul’s drag race and I’m living when they announce the maxi challenge is Snatch Game.

But if you really want to get to know me, the true essence of who I am. Here’s a GIF of Liza Minnelli.