202- ONE singular sensation, every little step she takes

Well hello there lovelies, I guess I should firstly start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

How are we all feeling? If you’re anything like me you swiftly made the realisation after Christmas, that you bought way too much in the way of Christmas goodies and you’re now trying to get through it all before the end of the month, because y’know ‘best before dates’… This is my reality. 

Before I get back to my usual programming I’d just like to take the first blog of the year to chat about what I’m hoping to achieve this year. Now sweeties, before I begin these are in no way goals or resolutions! It’s what I’d like to call a ‘well that be lovely’ list! I feel it’s important at this time to keep focused on things that are full of goodliness and make you happy!

I’d love to know, what are your little victories of last year? Have you thought about writing yourself a little ‘well that’d be lovely’ list? If so, what little things would you like to do or achieve?

Whatever you do this year lovelies, just remember to look after YOU this year.


7 responses to “202- ONE singular sensation, every little step she takes”

  1. Ha. I love the idea of a “Well wouldn’t that be lovely list”. I’m happy that I held it together during a very stressful year at work last year, and that I was able to grow my blog and complete three continuing education courses.


  2. Susan Jane Cameron avatar
    Susan Jane Cameron

    Happy New Year, Hope you and your beau are keeping safe.


  3. Happy New year! You look GORGEOUS! 💙


    1. Thank you so much Kat! Happy New Year to you, hope you’re taking care and staying safe!! x


  4. Beautiful post dear! So many good reminders and soulful life wisdom. Happy New Year xx

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    1. Thank you so much lovely and Happy New Year to you. Hope you’re gracing us with more fabulous looks this year!! 🙂 x

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