I Feel Pretty, Oh Sew Pretty

Lovelies, I’m now the very proud owner of a dress and blouse that I made myself.

As someone who only a few months ago was still suffering with severe anxiety, panic attacks, with symptoms of depression and agoraphobia… I’m sure you realise just how significant this moment is.

Through doing this I honestly feel as though I’ve reached an important milestone in my mental health journey and the healing process. I know that if I’d have attempted this a few years ago or even back in February I would have told myself I was untalented, worthless and I shouldn’t even bother because what’s the point?

It’s a very different story to how I feel right now.

Making clothes is something I’ve always imagined myself doing; my eclectic fashion taste unfortunately doesn’t lend itself to the high street and I find reproduction clothes although gorgeous they can also be extremely expensive! So this was always an option I wanted to explore, but knew I wouldn’t be able to get to this point without looking after my mental health first.

In making my own clothes I’m able to find patterns that not only suit my personal style, but I’ve been lucky enough to find that my nearest vintage store has heaps of beautiful vintage fabric! So at the end of the day, I not only get a garment made to fit my petite yet curvaceous body type (finding clothes to fit exactly can indeed be a challenge, anyone with me?) But in order to achieve this I’m not using newly made fabric in the process; therefore being sustainable and having a truly vintage garment as the result. I mean, can you say win-win?

However instead of using the phrase “I tried to run before I could walk”, I think it’s fair to say I ran the London Marathon before I could even crawl and decided I would make this dress with it only being my third time using a sewing machine! I’m one of those that seems to learn better when doing and if I need to learn a specific stitch I’ll have trusty YouTube tutorials at my side to guide me through. I definitely don’t recommend this for everyone, I’m just extremely stubborn… and as I type that I can hear a distant echo saying “YES SHE IS!” from my loved ones haha.

So I’m trying not to steamboat ahead… Y’know like I did when I started all this, but I have some major plans for the future and where I’d really like to take this skill. Honestly I’d love nothing more than to take my cosplay game to a whole new level, making lavish costumes on the scale you’d see at New York Comic Con. As well as creating an entire wardrobe of reworked and personally made clothes and making me true feel like I’ve walked out of Sterling Cooper (Draper Price)… You know I have to mention Mad Men at least once!

Ok, I’ll freely admit that these garments are far from perfect! Nevertheless I personally think it’s pretty nifty being able to see my whole progress right before my eyes and what I’ve achieved so far. I’m teaching myself a completely new skill and I’m prepared for the fact it’s going to look at little ropey for a while yet!

During these last few months have you happened to pick up a new skill, or did you rediscover a love for an old skill? Or, have you been thinking about it but haven’t tried it on for size yet? Take it from me lovelies, if you’re thinking about learning a new skill, whether it’s sewing or something completely different I feel you should absolutely go for it! It might just be the beginning of something truly special.

11 responses to “I Feel Pretty, Oh Sew Pretty”

  1. First of all, I would like to say congratulations on making your own clothes. They are lovey! You could set up your own fashion line one day. Keep on the good work.

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    1. Aw what a lovely thing to say, thank you so much hun! That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?? It’s lovely feeling when you are genuinely proud of something YOU have a achieved. Hope you have a lovely day!

      Quinn x


  2. Making your own clothes sound like so much fun 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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    1. It’s really fun! There’s a lot of patience needed too… a swear word maybe, but definitely more fun 😆


  3. Okay WOW girl! This is seriously cool and I love the fact that despite knowing what you were doing exactly you grabbed the bull by the horns and went for it. Totally worth the “risk” because what you’ve made already looks amazing. Keep at it and it’ll take you no time to get to those lavish cosplay costumes 😉 xx

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

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    1. Here’s hoping hun, here’s hoping!! My partner was blown away as he thought I’d maybe start with something like cushion covers, just so I could get to grips with my machine, which is fair enough and I nearly did! But when I showed him what I’d actually started he wasn’t surprised haha. He knows how stubborn I am, we’re very similar that way 😂. Your support means everything though, thank you hun! Xx


  4. Heather!!! I am soooooo proud of you! Maybe you will be the next Coco Chanel! 😀 Your Co-vid Chanel line will be huge! I am gobsmacked that you taught yourself! You are a woman of many talents! May I put an order in for a Betty Draper Mad Men type ensemble?! 😂
    Kudos to you!💙❤️💜ps. Your hair looks GREAT!😘🌼💮

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    1. Awww thank you lovely lady!! You are so very sweet. Oh my goodness, Co-vid Chanel had me in stitches.. Yes, stitches haha. Brava for that one! Oh a Mad Men Betty Draper? Now you’re talking! Yes! I’m all about that! Teaching myself has it’s pluses aside from the occasional curse word, the freedom of it is quite wonderful :-). x


  5. Congratulations! That’s quite a nice dress. And good for you for learning something new!


  6. What a babe you are! I am so glad you got back in sewing. It must has felt so exciting and relaxing at the same time. And btw you are so talented!!! I haven’t picked up an old skill while on lock down ugh I mean quarantine haha but watching more movies and reading more has been a real joy esp introducing the kids to so many movies. Its a new tradition now and we are def going to keep doing it even after quarantine ends. 🙂 xox

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    1. Oh my goodness your lovely comment has definitely made me well up a tad, you’re so sweet hun. Hun you didn’t need to pick up a skill, believe me you have so many already!!! Also, your lockdown compared to mine I HAD to pick up something 🙈 c’mon I had such a ridiculous amount of free time it was a needs must situation. You’ve been rocking lockdown you’ve done so much! I’m so glad the kids are loving all these brand new movie adventures, can’t wait to hear what they’ve been watching lately 🙂 xxx


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