Thrifty & Thriving: Second-Hand Style

Afternoon luvvies!

Now if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been extremely vocal lately about curbing my relationship with the high street and filling my wardrobe with as many pre-loved goodies as possible!

Second-hand Style is unique to you and a personal experience; it is definitely not the high street.

But I understand if you’ve never thrifted before it can be a fairly daunting process, almost like how I find the prospect of wandering into TK Maxx or Primark and endlessly scouring the rails in the hopes I find something. Something as a reward for spending all my time searching through reams of clothing and homewares!

Whether it’s online shopping or physically going to the store itself, I always set myself guidelines that I stick to whenever I verge on a second-hand spree! Grab a cuppa (slice of cake optional) and let’s peruse these guidelines together, shall we?

If you’ve found any bargains lately leave me a little message, I’d love to know what you’ve found! Likewise if I can further help your search for the perfect vintage item I’d love to help you along your way.

Lovelies if we’re going to be kinder to our planet we may as well look fabulous whilst doing it!

17 thoughts on “Thrifty & Thriving: Second-Hand Style

    1. Hun, you have honestly made my day! I cannot tell you what this means to me. I love that this community brought me to your blog and vice versa. If you ever want to collaborate and work together on something, you just let me know lovely! 😁💛 x


    1. I bet you can hun! To a lot of people I probably don’t have fashion sense, it’s purely down to feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing and there are plenty of fashionable soccer mom’s! 🙂 Always here to chat hun and thank you so much for stopping by!

      Quinn x


  1. I love this post! I love buying second hand I mean 1. who doesn’t love a bargain and 2. there are so many great clothes out there that you might never have owned if you didn’t buy them second hand. My main problem is budgeting! I always go over because I just need those shoes or dress, or bag, or all three actually.

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    1. Thank you so much hun! We LOVE a bargain! You’re absolutely right though, I’ve bought past seasons of clothes through the magic of ebay and charity shops that I eyed up years ago. Haha budgeting is the worst! There’s always that fear that you’ll never see that item again and at such a bargain price so you HAVE to have it. I tend to curb my spending, save for a little while and stay away from ebay (as much as poss) until I can afford to have another little spree. Making my clothes has helped so much with this actually as I don’t feel the urge to spend!

      Quinn x


      1. I definitely did that yesterday… 😂. It’s September is going to be second-hand September, there’s a campaign from the charity Oxfam which is amazing! All the treasures please! X


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