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Welcome back lovelies! Now before we leap into this chinwag have you got a cup of tea, coffee or beverage of choice in hand? Wonderful!

So I’m on a mission, sent to me by the fashion gods! With me so far? Rightyho!

I decided a little while ago that for the rest of the year (as an experiment) I’m not going to buy one single piece of brand new clothing.

It can be new to me, but not newly made is what I mean.

Yes this decision was a spur of the moment thing and I’ll admit it was most definitely a wake up in the morning and shout it from the rooftops decision, but it comes as a result of following the amazing Teresa Maria (known as the fantastic Outlandish Blog). Her whole platform has made me aware of brands that claim they sell sustainable items and has educated me on the damages of fast fashion. Believe me; I thought I was aware of what’s going on… But oh no, she has fully opened my eyes and that’s just the tip of the iceberg with her blog! But I fully recommend her blog and her e-book on sustainable fashion.

Since then I’ve been on a quest to “shop my wardrobe” some more. I know I’ve mentioned this on more than one occasion, but during the lockdown I found it necessary to do it more than usual and if I do require a piece of clothing, to only buy second-hand garments – unless the garment has to be underwear, of course! That requires some research into sustainably made pants.

I want to do more to be kinder to our planet and being more sustainable with fashion I feel is a good start for me.  

I know that this is just a small step in the grand scheme of things, but if I can be more select with my fashion choices it’s paving the way for more changes.

Admittedly throughout the last few months of lockdown I have bought a few key pieces to get me through the height of summer; if you’ve stuck around for this long you may remember me saying a few times that my summer wardrobe has always been pretty abysmal haha! But I took to the land of eBay to amend this and found some beautiful true vintage 1960s pieces that have stood the test of time because of how well made they are. The purchases I made were even more worthwhile when the sellers told me that they were giving the money to charity!

It’s given me the nudge to be more cautious about where I spend my money, who does it go to, who does it benefit? What do I get out of it? Even by just starting with sites like EBay and depop I’m able to put my thought into why I want these pieces and do I really need them? I mean, what I get out of it is key pieces that are truly one of a kind, no one will have these and I’m truly an individualist haha.

I simply can’t help it I thrive on looking unique and different, always have! Hence why I’ve also started the process of making my own clothes… Well, I say started the process. A sewing machine has arrived at my house, but we all start somewhere and this is an adventure I’ve wanted to embark on for years and didn’t have the confidence to challenge myself. The time is now lovelies!

As Vivienne Westwood once said “buy Less, choose well, make it last”

6 responses to “Category is: EBay Eleganza”

  1. Great post! I love the idea of shopping from your own closet! Sustainable clothing is really something to think about as well.
    I always enjoy your great posts!💙

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    1. Aww thank you lovely, you’re so sweet!! I honestly think having the sewing machine is going to make the biggest difference, as I can not only sew my own clothes from vintage fabrics but I can mend clothes I already own to give them a new lease of life ☺️💛


  2. nortoncharity avatar

    Ah that is such a cool goal to have for 2020. I love that you aren’t buying any new clothing this year! That’s so awesome! And your vintage dresses are too cute!


  3. You found such beautiful things! And you created such unique looks with them. Great news about the sewing too. I used to make a lot of clothes, also for others, but I haven’t sewn anything new for years. I am a huge fan of customizing though and before holiday I turned two dresses into skirts. Fun project and good repurposing. Maybe we need to start an online sewing club? Jxx

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    1. Aww thank you for such a wonderful comment! Even if you don’t sew much anymore, i love that you customise your clothes! That’s such a marvellous way of getting the most out of your clothes and fitting them to your personal style, especially if your personal style changes over time. An online sewing club! Yes! Spurring each other on to create ☺️ x

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      1. Thank you! I think us human beings have a need to create something with our hands. For me fashion is a natural thing to create xx


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