Grey Hair, Don’t Care!

Hello lovelies!

I truly hope you’re all making the most of being home more, but whatever your situation I sincerely hope you’re all happy, healthy and staying creative!

But whilst we’re all sat here growing our hair out and doing our best not to reach for the kitchen scissors, I wanted to discuss what I feel is my biggest accessory!

Mainly because it makes me look like I’m a Lego Mini Figure.

Now I make it no secret that I’m only going grey, not only that but I never hid the fact that I’ve been going grey since the age of 21. Fair to say I’ve always been punctual!

I also make it no secret that I dye my hair and that I dye it my natural hair colour (there is a point to this, honest!) A lot of this has been purely for work purposes, as unfortunately with a lot of what I do it’s always been easier if my appearance looks consistently the same. So to keep it one slick overall colour has always seemed the easiest thing to do!

But let’s be honest now, during this lock down I have not once felt the urge to reach for the box dye (yes, I’m a box dye type-a-gal haha) and cover up my grey roots, instead (like many others) I’m letting it do its thing and I’m embracing it.

I’m now 31; and it is a known fact among my family that I am indeed greyer than my own dad (no shade)! You see back when I was 21 and I discovered not just my first grey hair but a cluster of them (clearly one didn’t want to be the first to the party so decided to bring friends), this was immensely difficult to cope with. Especially being around the time I was graduating university and I had this horrid feeling that I was aging quicker than everyone around me!

This was always made ten times more difficult when someone would point out “Oh my god, do you realise I can see 10 grey hairs just from where I’m standing!” Cue me, (insert sarcasm here) Geez thanks for that, nope I clearly had no idea… Now I hear you lovelies, you’re probably thinking along something of the lines of “kids can be so mean, can’t they?” However this was actually said by people that in theory were considered adults and yes adults can also be incredibly mean.

Needless to say Mr Lee, my wonderful partner has always been incredibly supportive and truly loves me for the person I am and feels I can rock anything… Unless I suddenly decide to grow out my fringe, then he’s told me something’s would be extremely wrong and I would require an intervention, haha! As he knows this is something I will never ever do! The bangs stay.

But truthfully it’s the confidence that I; myself have built up over the last few years that have allowed me to be fully comfortable with this change.

Over time I have come to love and embrace what I’ve been given, which is very thick, healthy hair… It just happens to be going grey! I’m going to be honest, I know this process for some might be incredibly stressful and you may be struggling with your confidence and if dying your hair makes feel confident and it brings back a sense of normality, then you do you hun!

I just count myself considerably lucky that I have hair and if going grey is all I have to worry about… Then bring it on!

I’m not saying I’ll never dye my hair again, haha! For certain scenarios there’ll no doubt come a time where I’ll have to cover my silver strands, but right now for the purposes of a cheeky selfie for the Instagram or a zoom chat with the besties I’m going with the “I am who I am” look… Oh, I feel a song coming on! I should quit while I’m ahead.

I digress! What I saying is, whenever the day arrives and I do go the whole hog; you’ll find me rocking my chic bob as per, applying my favourite red lipstick, styling with my retro eye-wear I’ll be good to go.

Just call me Dame Judi or Dame Helen… But minus the Dame part!  

(Side note: Please remember my lovelies, if you do decide on a radical change and happen to reach for the bread knife at this time, if your hair meets the requirements consider donating your locks!)


11 responses to “Grey Hair, Don’t Care!”

  1. Great and honest post! You have such a unique stylish look anyway, that I think you can get away with any hair color! I think you should do a silvery lilac look!!! Definitely keep the fringe!💙

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    1. Aww thank you so much! What a wonderful comment to receive 💛. Haha don’t worry the staple fringe is going nowhere! Unfortunately I definitely don’t suit blonde, I’ll never know how it feels to be a Marilyn Monroe! 🙈 x


  2. My greying roots are showing too. It must be 5 years since I didn’t dye my hair and I’m a lot greyer than I remember! Maybe I’ll let it grow out and live with the grey – better than waiting til I’m 50 and having to live with a really drastic change. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. You’re way of thinking is pretty much my thought exactly and there are ways of making it looking extremely stylish and fashionable now! When people started actually dying their hair grey I was sat here like “well I could just grow mine out part way and just do the rest 🤣”

      Whatever you do, I’m sure you’ll look fabulous!! ☺️

      Quinn x

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  3. nortoncharity avatar

    Your hair looks great girl! I’ve been going gray since my early twenties too! It used to bother me a lot although I have still yet to die my hair at the salon. I’ve been trying to hold back because I don’t want to spend all that money on my hair lol


  4. love it – before lockdown, I had about 2-3 months of growing out the grey – and they honestly look like highlights! So, am getting all the colouring cut out and going 100% back to natural.

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    1. That’s amazing hun, I bet you look fabulous too! I’m definitely going to leave mine for the time being, even when I have another haircut I won’t be so quick to dye it ☺️.


  5. I love it! I think grey hair is so chic. A couple of my clients have made a conscious choice to fully embrace their grey and they look stunning. We just needed to do a few small adjustments on their colour palette to make it work for their new softer colouring.


  6. You look gorgeous either way. My whites and greys are out of control. It ages me by 10 years. LOL I need them gone asap haha The kids get so upset when they see it thinking I am old (whatever) but when I am in my 60s or 70s I am def going all white and grey and fully embracing it bc it is exhausting covering it up all the time.


  7. Caroline Martin/Artist & Blogger avatar
    Caroline Martin/Artist & Blogger

    love your hair. Looks fantastic. I have become a silver sister and am loving it too.

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    1. I’m so sorry I didn’t see this earlier! Thank you so much for this lovely comment. I’m so glad your loving and embracing your silver locks, I bet they look fab!


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