Feig-ing Fabulous

Paul Feig – director, creator, fashion icon and one of my favourite people!

Now my lovelies you know his movies: Spy, Last Christmas, Bridesmaids (just to name a few) and if you’re like me you’ll also know the fantastic TV series Freaks and Geeks! But what many of you may not know is how much of a style icon this gentleman is and how his style has influenced the fashions of his own movies.

He is (in my opinion) one of the best dressed people I have ever had the pleasure to come across, he even collaborated with J. Crew on a range of stylish suit accessories and recently has been entertaining us worldwide with a series he calls “quarantine cocktail time” a quaren-tini, if you will, on Instagram live. Every night (without fail) he has a little cocktail party in his home, joined by his delightful wife Laurie for a jaunt around their kitchen as they chat, make a cocktail and have a boogie.

Honestly it’s become one of the major highlights of my day!

But I digress, this post (that I’ve been desperate to write for AGES!) is to have a chinwag about the fashion from two of my favourite movies by Mr. Feig Ghostbusters and A Simple Favour.

More specifically I really want to talk about the everyday fashions of the characters; Erin (Kristen Wiig) with a smidge of Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) and Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) from A Simple Favour.

Please remember hun’s for these posts I don’t buy anything new in order to put these ensembles together and I’m not trying to cosplay either, I’m definitely not talented enough for that (my sewing skills are minimal to say the least)! This is simply me playing dress up with my own wardrobe, talking about characters whose fashion I resonate with or have clearly been inspired by… albeit subconsciously. Yes, safe to say I see some similarities and a penchant for tweed.

With Ghostbusters what really caught my eye was (everything because I bloody adore it) their use of patterns, textures and layering used for Erin’s Columbia University outfits and Holtzmann’s ensembles. Brilliantly designed by Jeffrey Kurland he created clear, distinct characters and made fashion such a statement in the movie and that’s even without mentioning how amazing the Ghostbuster’s flight suits are (swoon)… And yes, I do have one in case you were wondering.

Then we come to genius that is Renee Enrlich Kalfus! Oh my life, the use of fashion in A Simple Favour is in a word delicious and so cleverly put together! The costume choices made for Anna Kendrick’s character (Stephanie Smothers) in particular show how her character develops through the movie as the plot unfolds; don’t worry there be no spoilers here! But honestly it is genius the impact the costumes have on this movie and it had a profound effect on me!

However looking at my wardrobe, it definitely doesn’t reflect the high-fashion-Ralph-Lauren-suited-and-booted Blake Lively. A girl can dream, alas I know my destiny is to live the life of an animal sock wearing blogger; that would do anything for that Alice + Olivia pom-pom sweater. Isn’t it just delightful?

Paul Feig’s own fashion styling he’s mentioned was inspired by people such as Cary Grant and the golden age of Hollywood. His own sense of style then became the vision for Blake Lively’s character and Mr Feig, I salute you!

This is a just a small appreciation post dedicated to Paul Feig and the wondrous designers and creatives he surrounds himself with, to help create something I feel is truly special. Ahem.. A Simple Favour is available to watch on Netflix lovelies and I encourage you all to watch it, that’s if you haven’t already m’dears. Bisous!

Photography credits: Ghostbusters wiki, Slash film & IMDB

15 responses to “Feig-ing Fabulous”

  1. Susan Jane Cameron avatar
    Susan Jane Cameron

    hope you and all your family are safe and well, hugs to you all

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    1. Great post! I LOVE the photo shoot pics too! You ALWAYS manage to entertain and inform with a wink and a smile!💙

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      1. Aww thank you so much. You always say the kindest things ☺️! X

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  2. Oh my God! How absolutely adorable are you 😍 I love this post and your pictures are gorgeous.

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    1. Aww thank you so much! That was such a wonderful comment to read. I’m so glad you like it ☺️ x


  3. This was a fantastic read! I loved the fashion in A Simple Favor. Your recreated looks are also amazing. -Jenni


  4. This was a fantastic read! I loved the fashion in A Simple Favor and your recreated film looks. -Jenni xxx

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    1. Aww thank you! Honestly that means so much. Oh my goodness, the looks in that movie were incredible weren’t they? I practically had a shopping list after watching it 🙈 x

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      1. Me too! You are the first person who says this xx

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  5. Absolutely in awe with your style! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! That’s incredibly sweet of you to say 💕


  6. I couldn’t agree more! Such a eye for style he has! And yes and you can imagine, I watched Freaks and Geeks and I am still annoyed they canceled it. Heck I’m still annoyed they canceled My So-Called Life. I mean what happens with Jordan Catalano? Ugh Lol Great post babes! xox

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    1. Right!? Bring it back, bring back my so-called life. Those indeed were the days! Aww thank you lovely lady, you’re the best ☺️ x


  7. laurabooksandblogs avatar

    This was a really fun posts. The wardrobes in both movies are pretty unique and character-appropriate. You really captured the looks well.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read ☺️. Aren’t they just?? I love it when movies are able have fun with what they’re creating and you can tell Paul Feig’s certainly do! Very excited to see what he does next.

      Quinn x


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